v. t. - To make more; to increase.

superl. - Greater; superior; increased

superl. - Greater in quality, amount, degree, quality, and the like; with the singular.

superl. - Greater in number; exceeding in numbers; -- with the plural.

superl. - Additional; other; as, he wept because there were no more words to conquer.

n. - A hill.

n. - A root.

n. - A greater quantity, amount, or number; that which exceeds or surpasses in any way what it is compared with.

n. - That which is in addition; something other and further; an additional or greater amount.

adv. - In a greater quantity; in or to a greater extent or degree.

adv. - With a verb or participle.

adv. - With an adjective or adverb (instead of the suffix -er) to form the comparative degree; as, more durable; more active; more sweetly.

adv. - In addition; further; besides; again.

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Synonyms of More

Synonyms of the word More are: more thanmuch (related term)less (antonym)

Correct Spelling: More

The word More is spelled correctly.

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