v. t. - To bring forward; to lead forth; to offer to view or notice; to exhibit; to show; as, to produce a witness or evidence in court.

v. t. - To bring forth, as young, or as a natural product or growth; to give birth to; to bear; to generate; to propagate; to yield; to furnish; as, the earth produces grass; trees produce fruit; the clouds produce rain.

v. t. - To cause to be or to happen; to originate, as an effect or result; to bring about; as, disease produces pain; vice produces misery.

v. t. - To give being or form to; to manufacture; to make; as, a manufacturer produces excellent wares.

v. t. - To yield or furnish; to gain; as, money at interest produces an income; capital produces profit.

v. t. - To draw out; to extend; to lengthen; to prolong; as, to produce a man's life to threescore.

v. t. - To extend; -- applied to a line, surface, or solid; as, to produce a side of a triangle.

v. i. - To yield or furnish appropriate offspring, crops, effects, consequences, or results.

n. - That which is produced, brought forth, or yielded; product; yield; proceeds; result of labor, especially of agricultural labors

n. - agricultural products.

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Synonyms of Produce

Synonyms of the word Produce are: green goodsgreen groceriesgarden truckfoodsolid food

Correct Spelling: Produce

The word Produce is spelled correctly.

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